99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day

How and why do people pursue happiness seriously? That’s the question posed by the authors to themselves. To find the answer, they made a list of everything that made them happy. Then the authors reorganized and added some other things to the list so that the book “99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day” was born. Dedicated to everyone who pursues happiness earnestly. Feature picture: Pexels. 

99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day. How and why people pursuit of happiness?
Picture 1. The Joy of Life (credit to Pixabay)






Before reading the book review, let us watch the video below:


Author: Terry Hampton and Ronnie Harper

The authors do not have a certificate to prove that they have been happy, but the authors have gained a happy life. That does not mean the author is always cheerful and smiling every second of every day. The authors are pleased with themselves and glad to be alive. Happiness may have different meanings for each person. But there are many of the same happiness components for every person.

We can control some components, and we can not control others. We can not change physical and mental health factors. We are born with the ability to be happy about 50% and we can control the remaining 50%. The book wrote the last 50%, the part that we can control.

This book uses stories, anecdotes, and illustrations. The authors approach the topic with the belief that everyone can be happy if they choose to be happy. The authors can not guarantee your happiness. But they can encourage you to pursue happiness honestly, sincerely, and wholeheartedly.

The book consists of 6 chapters.

What Are 99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day?

Chapter I. Examine our behavior.

There are three very important things in the property business, the worship of location location location. As well as the things that determine our happiness. There are three very important things: behavior behavior behavior.

1. Love life.

Enjoy every minute of our life. Words are inadequate to describe the love of life. This is the most important thing we can do to achieve happiness.

Love all of our life aspects, either the sense, smell, hearing, and our life challenges. Do not let all the pleasures of our lives get immersed in a busy routine. Remember that we love our life and let it help us enjoy a happy life.

99 ways to be happier everyday
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99 ways to be happier every day
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99 ways to be happier every day
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99 ways to be happier every day
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2. Have a sense of humor.

Let us laugh. Laugh frequently. Laugh longer. Laugh until our belly hurts. If we laugh, we will be happy because a happy heart is the most potent drug.

Let us laughing. Laugh longer. Laugh frequently. Laugh until our belly hurts. If we laugh we will be happy because a happy heart is the most potent drug. 99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day
Picture 6. A Laughing Woman (credit to Pixabay)

3. Take the responsibility for our life and action

The barrier of greatest happiness is the tendency to blame others. There are consequences for our behavior. If we do not want to be sentenced to sit in the hallway class, do not humiliate another student. We should learn to take responsibility for our behavior. Then we will find it easier to take responsibility for our happiness.

Did you know that the food you eat has a direct impact on your mental health and ability to handle common stressors? In fact, 95% of the serotonin your body uses on a daily basis is created in the gut!

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Foods to Reduce Anxiety

4. Be flexible

We have a lot of things that we do on a regular basis. If there is a change in our daily routine, we feel that our day has been destroyed. The key to handle this feeling is flexibility. Be flexible. We will often find that changes are usual things. Walk with the changes!

5. Be sincere

How pleased we are to find a friend or a colleague who is sincere. Sincerity is not the same as too plain and without a smile. Integrity means living free from hypocrisy and deceit. People will be able to feel the sincerity and they will surely appreciate it.

Integrity means living free from hypocrisy and deceit. People will be able to feel the sincerity and they will surely appreciate it. 99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day
Picture 7. Love, Friendship (credit to Pixabay)

6. Make sure that we would rather serve than be served

Serving others does not mean lowering our self. In fact, in every job, whether at home or as a volunteer, it is the highest calling that we have. This is why people should work and why people do business.

We should not work only to earn money. If the priority is to serve others, money will come. We must do this because we want to serve. Arthur F Sheldon, a motto writer of Rotary International expressed this: The most fortunate persons are those who serve the best services.

7. Remember that no one in this life owes anything to us

Although we are such wonderful people, it does not mean that we can get free service in life. A person will never be happy if he is never satisfied with his quota in this life. Do not expect others to meet our needs and wants. Put our happiness in our own hands.

8. Do not be selfish

It is not enough to realize that no one owes anything to us. We must actively and unselfishly give to others. Share our time and our own ability.

Beware that we are not too possessive of ours. Things have never been more important than people and their needs. We never know how an act of selflessness can change our life or those around us.

Jesus Christ showed how to serve people in His life. People around the world always commemorate His birthday because of His great sacrifice. Read more about “Christmas Customs Around The World” here.

Don't be selfish - 99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day
Picture 8. Narcism (credit to Pixabay)

9. Narrow-mindedness does not match the happiness

If we focus too much on trivial things, we will never really get things done. We should focus on our time to settle the affairs of a great life. There are quite a lot of big issues that need our caring.

10. Complaining is the thief of joy

Selfish attitude has many ugly faces. A person complains about two things: things they can change and the things that make them feel helpless. Both are forms of egoism because it means things did not go exactly as expected. Complaining is a silly attitude.

Some things we can change. So try to change it if we want but do not complain. Express our opinion on a person to move an amendment in positive language. Otherwise, people will give a negative response to our complaints. Let us make a commitment to reduce complaints and increase giving praise.

11. Make sure that the things that are beyond our abilities will not bother us

If we look for the positive things in every situation, we will be happier. No more bad days. Get away from the bad days forever.

If we look for the positive things in every situation, we will be happier. 99 Ways To Be Happier Every day.
Picture 9. Be Positive (credit to Pixabay)


12. Emotional turmoil should not determine our life

Feelings and emotions are a very important part of us. Channel the emotional turmoil into creative activities that are meaningful to you. Follow the inner voice, but, first, convince yourselves that you know your heart.

Positive emotion is something that we should develop. Do not maintain fear. A balanced living in all areas of life is the key to happiness.

13. No one can make you angry except yourself

Life can be very frustrating. Many people are desperate. There are always people who behave or even comment in a way that we can not tolerate. Our anger explodes. Anger is an honest emotion. But keep in mind that it is our anger. It is within our control.

We can not control the situation or how other people behave, but we can control our anger. We are on the right track to happiness when we are not angry at every trivial problem. We should propose our anger for the serious problems only and not make it a habit every day. People who are always upset can never be happy.

 We should propose our anger for the serious problems and not make it a habit every day. People who are always upset can never be happy. 99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day.
Picture 10. An Angry Woman (credit to Pixabay)

14. Worrying is the most unproductive behavior

Decide not to get distracted by things outside of our control. We also should decide to stop worrying. Worries cannot solve the problem or treat a situation we do not want. If we can do something in a situation, do not worry. Do something.

15. Be positive.

We should be positive and optimistic. A positive attitude does not happen overnight. We should develop a positive attitude and nurture it within a certain period.

Start with something positive every day. Read words or stories that inspire us to get up early. This will help us to set the mood for the day. The mood in the morning carries the mood of the day.

Someone who decides to be positive can overcome all situations. We can be that kind of person by setting our minds to be more positive in all events that we encounter. Set a positive atmosphere and everyone around us will feel happier.

16. Do not want to be a victim

Many disappointments come from our actions and behaviors. Keep in mind that the problem is not what is going on, but how we respond to what happens to us. Which option do we choose, to be a victim or to be happy?

Keep in mind that the problem is not what is going on but how we respond to what happens to us. 99 Ways To Be Happier Every day
Picture 11. A Sad Woman (credit to Pixabay)

17. Be Yourself

A confident person is usually a happy person. Confidence gives us courage and enthusiasm. Do not let negative things that others are saying about us give a bad impact on our life. Do not be too concerned with negative opinions and accept the good things people say about us.

18. “I can” vs “IQ”

Henry Ford once said that whether we think we can do or we can not do something, both are true. Our attitude is more important than the level of thinking ability or IQ. We should develop the “I can” mentality.

There are so many people who do not want to do the efforts in their life. The talented people who do not do anything other than sitting at home. They do it while spending time in front of television screens. Do you have a talent you waste?

Henry Ford once said that whether we think we can do or we can not do something, both are true. Our attitude is more important than the level of thinking ability or IQ. 99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day.
Picture 12. Be Optimist. Dare To Try (credit to Pixabay)

19. Love the job that fits us

Be assured that we are proud of our work. Do our best based on our ability. But do not let our career be the sole focus of our life. It can plunge us into a saturated situation and makes us lose the zest of life.

Do not become a workaholic who spends all the time to stay awake at work or mop the kitchen floor. Make sure that our career is not more important than our family and social life.

20. Love ourselves then we will love the other

The life mission is to love others as we love ourselves. Happiness does not begin and end with ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Instead, we learn to love ourselves as a training ground for loving someone else.

When we love ourselves then we can love others without selfishness. Love others genuinely and unconditionally. That is when true happiness arrives in our lives.

What are your thoughts on the tips from this book? Have you practiced it in your daily life? What tip is the most difficult to be applied? Please write your comment and I will be more than happy reply to your comment.

If you want to read the complete content of this great book, please visit the link below:



27 thoughts on “99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day”

  1. Reading your review makes me wanting to buy the book! There are so many points that has my thumb up. One thing for sure, serving is happier than receiving. I need this book so badly now. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, Florence. This book is very helpful. I have changed my mindset about finding happiness. Now I understand how to be happy and why I should choose to be happy. Happiness is an everyday choice. Thank you for your comment.

  2. People take this topic so lightly.But, this is one of the important aspect of our life. This article delivers so many great points and ways to be happy. I loved the video it has so many good things in it. I love No.7 : Remember that no one in this life owes anything to us. Thank you for this article.

  3. Hello Melani,

    Thank you for this post!

    What struck me most in this list is #6 which is to serve others. Many times we think about ourselves too much that we forget to think about what we can do for others.

    A life of service is a life that is happy.

    I hope all is well with you!


    • Hi, Sigrid. Nice to read your comment.It is a must to think about ourselves first. Who else will want and do that better? After that we should think about serving others. For example, as a mother we have the obligation to think about our children first before serving others in the job. Even in English we write “I” with a capital letter to show the importance of take care myself first.

  4. We really should look for ways to be happy because the world seems to be a tough place to be nowadays. I will definitely check out this book. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Happiness lived daily is a must. I can attest that if a person is not happy there is some inner work that needs to be accomplished. The actions taken without the inner health or the ability to recognize the needed change will result in much unhappiness felt. Worry is also a conquorable feat. If I could not conquor worry I would not live happy daily. If you do not have control of your own life and choices this too will impede the success of happiness daily. I cannot find anything on the list I personally did not work on. However the work thing is my only real hang up. My current work blocks social. Online social does not take the place of real friendships. So an area I cannot change at this moment but am working towards. The book review is a great reminder and for me served as a measurement of where I am and reminds me of the years of personal work to get here YAy! Im a happy person! ;)))

  6. I love all of these tips about how to be happy. What I’ve learned in life is something you touched on in your post. Happiness does not mean jumping for joy every day. It means being content. I’ve also recently discovered that fulfillment has a part in happiness. If you’re not fulfilled, and don’t have something exciting to look forward to every day, it’s going to be hard to be truly happy.

  7. There are so many ways to build a life that is emotionally, socially and professionally rewarding. Definitely, we are all unique, and this is a rich sampling for a happiness-building tool kit. For many of us, women in particular, social pressures to be on the go all the time, and to fit a certain body stereotype and conform to other rigid and unrealistic standards imposed by family and society can be a source of chronic stress. I think happiness is to a great extent about making good choices and learning to let go.

  8. Hello Melani,

    I enjoyed reading your review of this book. It’s very true how happiness may have different meanings for each of us, as we are all unique in our own way.

    Taking responsibility and knowing there are consequences is important in our daily lives, along with our priority to serve others first, and then the money comes. This I always believed growing up in the family business since I was very young. We must have respect for one another also.

    I liked the rest of this review it makes so much sense!

  9. Thank you for this awesome book review. I agree with all the points here. I just want to add one more point.

    A lot of people say they will be happy once they become rich and successful. However, most of the time, you’ll only be successful if you’re happy. I’ve heard a lot of successful people said that and I believe this is the way.


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