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– Are fried foods really bad for our health?
– What kind of exercises is suitable for
women over 40 years old?
– What kind of foods is good for the mood booster?
What kind of foods should I eat to get the ageless skin?
How to look young at my age?

Hello!  My name is Melani. I live in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia in South East Asia. I am a woman over 40-year-old, married, and mother of four daughters.

       As a full-time worker and mother, I have busy days related to working hours. I often choose fast and practical ways to do everything, including preparing food for myself and my family.  For example, I used to buy processed food so that I only need to warm or fry it in order to eat. I don’t want to say that all processed food is bad for our health but we should have enough knowledge to choose our food to maintain our health condition.

       In September 2016, I had surgery and experienced being treated in an ICU room in a hospital. There was a tube through my breathing and eating channels and it is extremely uncomfortable. I couldn’t eat in a normal way and I couldn’t taste the deliciousness of the food. Since then, I have a strong awareness of the importance of keeping our health, especially when we’re over 40 years old. I want to do campaigns about that.

The first wealth is health 

       On this website, I will give information and reviews about ways to be healthy and happy for women over 40 years old. The quote “Life begins after 40” is true in the finance field. At this age, we have been working for more than 15 years if we start since college graduation. So,  we have collected more than enough money to pay our living necessities and we can afford the cost of fulfilling our hobbies or interests. Unfortunately, at the same time, we must face the bitter facts that our health risks increase along with age addition.

As readers, you will get information and reviews from trusted sources. The information has been verified by more than one expert source so to provide you with the best information, throughout this website

I’m also supported by my educational background which is related to chemistry and discussing nutrition. I have 7 years of experience in the ISO 17025 testing laboratory as a Quality Assurance Manager. So I have a deep understanding of quality assurance principles.

We know that we must face our health risk increase because it is natural and we can not stop it. Fortunately, many kinds of research had been done on anti-aging, preventive and curative actions related to aging issues in the medical field. So there is hope for us to keep living healthily and happily when we’re over 40 years old.

Please leave comments if you have any questions, suggestion or any interest related to the articles. Keep our spirit and do the best for our lives!



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  1. Hey there! Just stumbled upon your site as I was doing some research on my own diet plan, and have to say you have some amazing content and value in your posts.

    My mother is over 40 so I will definitely refer her over to you, as I think there is a lot of valuable content here for her to look at, even if just in case.

    Thanks again for the valuable content!


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