13 Amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits

Olive oil contains essential amino acids, squalene, flavonoids, and polyphenols. It also contains a substance known as oleocanthal that has anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are Omega 9, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These are all anti-aging agents, which are powerful if consumed regularly. Olive oil can slow the aging process and help maintain healthy and glowing skin. This article will describe 13 amazing health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).
Extra virgin olive oil health benefits. People obtain olive oil from the fruit of Olea europaea (olive). This tree comes from the Mediterranean Basin. That is a land around the Mediterranean Sea that have a Mediterranean climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, which supports characteristic Mediterranean forests. Extra virgin olive oil for anti aging
Picture 1. Olive Oil (Pixabay)

There is no doubt that olive oil is very good for health and beauty. We can use olive oil for health care, beauty care, and cooking.

People get olive oil from the fruit Olea europaea (olive). Its tree comes from the Mediterranean Basin. That is land around the Mediterranean Sea. The land has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The climate supports Mediterranean forests’ characteristics.

The olive tree is well known for its longevity. It is one of the oldest plants in the world. Sixteen olive trees in Lebanon are known as “The Sisters” or “The Sisters Olive Trees of Noah”. The trees have an estimated age between 5,000 years and 6,000 years old. Those trees still produce olives and are always updating the bark to this day.
Ancient cultures appreciated those olive trees because it’s long-lived. They believe that olive trees contain a certain quality that allows the olive tree to live for thousands of years. They believe that they can send these qualities to people who consume the precious olive oil. 
Speaking of olive oil, this oil has been known since antiquity. It is about 400 years BC. Hippocrates called it “the great healer”. In the Hippocrates code, there are more than 60 medicinal uses of olive oil
People have been using olive oil for beauty and traditional medicine. Vitamin E in olive oil is very good for skin, eyes, and a healthy immune system. Each tablespoon of olive oil provides 1.94 milligrams of vitamin E. That is 13 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). The RDA is 15 milligrams per day for an adult.

The people of Athens asked Democritus, a legendary philosopher in ancient Greek who had lived more than a century, how he maintained his health and longevity. He replied, “Let us bathe our insides in honey and our exteriors in olive oil.”

Since ancient times, doctors have known that olive oil is efficacious in rejuvenating the skin. Hippocrates, Galen, and Diocles praised olive oil. They used it in medical practices.
Hippocrates, known as the “father of medicine”. He used olive oil ointment for skin trauma, skin diseases, and wound treatments. The Hippocratic Corpus is a collection of medical works associated with Hippocrates. It recorded more than 60 drugs containing olive oil. Most of them are used to cure skin diseases.
• Galen, a Roman physician from the Greek, is the inventor of the cold cream. In the second century AD, he used olive oil, honey, and rose water as a moisturizer.
Modern medicines and prescriptions confirm their work. The researchers confirm Democritus, Hippocrates, Diocles, and Galen. They were long-lived and had young and radiant skin as well. 

Based on the extraction process, there are three basic grades of olive oil we need to know and several types within each grade:

I. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, comprises:

  1. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

II. Virgin Olive Oil, comprises:

  1. Fine Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Virgin Olive Oil
  3. Semi fine Virgin Olive Oil

III. Olive Oil

  1. Pure Olive Oil
  2. Refined Olive Oil

1. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil :

This is the highest grade of olive oil. It has a superior taste and the acidity level is 0.225 percent. This type is very safe to eat. The minerals and vitamins of this type still rely on natural and complete. We can use this extra virgin olive oil in salads, as a dip for bread, or as a condiment.
We can use extra virgin olive oil in salads, as a dip for bread, or as a condiment. extra virgin olive oil health benefits
Picture 2. Vegetables Salad (Pixabay)

2. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO):

It has a fruity taste and may be pale yellow to bright green in color. The acidity level is higher than extra-virgin oil, which is no more than 1.0 percent. The flavor is superior. It is best to use this oil uncooked to appreciate the flavor. We can drink this type of oil or use it as a salad mix.
The flavor is superior. It is best to use this oil uncooked to appreciate the flavor. We can drink this type of oil directly or use it as a salad mix. EVOO health benefits
Picture 3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Pexels)

3. Fine Virgin Olive Oil:

The third type of olive oil has good taste. The acidity level is no more than 1.5 percent. The quality is close to extra-virgin oil and the price is less expensive. It is good uncooked.

4. Virgin Olive Oil:

Its acidity must be 2 percent or less. The content of nutrients is likely to be lower compared to the three types of olive oil above. It is good for cooking but we can enjoy it uncooked because it has enough flavor.
It is good for cooking but also has enough flavor to be enjoyed uncooked.
Picture 4. Virgin Olive Oil (Pixabay)

5. Semi fine Virgin Olive Oil:

It has an acidity no higher than 3.3 percent. It is good for cooking but it is not a good uncooked because it doesn’t have enough flavor.
Manufacturers make all types of extra virgin and virgin oils from the first pressing of the olives. The pressing process removes about 90 percent of the olive juice. The Chemicals and high heat are not allowed in the production of extra-virgin or virgin oils. No further processing or refining occurs after the pressing process.

6. Pure Olive Oil:

Some olive oil is further refined after the first pressing. These types of oils can no longer bear the title “virgin”. We call the current “olive oil” category as “pure olive oil”. This oil is a blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil. It withstands heat well.

7. Refined Olive Oil

When virgin oils are not fit for human consumption, manufacturers send them to a processing plant. There the virgin oils become “refined olive oils”. The virgin oils undergo processing with an agent. It might include heat, chemicals, and or filtration.


Olive oil contains Vitamin E that is very good for skin
Picture 5. Olive Oil Soap (Pixabay)
Out of the seven types of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is the best for health. The market price is more expensive than other types, but the content is still natural and contains complete multivitamin without chemical mixture.

So, what are the extra virgin olive oil health benefits?

Before reading more, let us watch a video below:


Ingredients and extra virgin olive oil health benefits:

1. Prevent degenerative nerve disease

We can associate the Mediterranean diet with a variety of health benefits. One of the benefits is a lower incidence of dementia. The consumption of extra-virgin olive oil protects memory and learning ability. It reduces the formation of amyloid-beta plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. Those are classic markers of Alzheimer’s disease.

EVOO contains high vitamin E. Vitamin K is also one of the substances in the olive oil. It can prevent damage to nerve cells in the brain. EVOO consumption preserves memory and protects the brain against Alzheimer’s.
Consuming olive oil can prevent damage to nerve cells in the brain.
Picture 6. Brain Nerve Illustration (Pixabay)

5. Reduce inflammation of the joints


6. Prevent arteries from clogging

Research has shown that eating monounsaturated fatty acids can help fortify the body from coronary heart disease and stroke due to bad cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes.

The consumption of 50 mL/day of extra-virgin olive oil may reduce the chance of developing Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) by 37%, and the incidence of major cardiovascular events by 30%.
Picture 7. Arteries Of The Body (wikimedia.org)

7. Reduce hypertension

The daily use of olive oil, about 40 grams per day, reduces the dosage of blood pressure medication by about 50% in hypertensive patients on previously stable drug dosage. Forty grams per day of extra-virgin olive oil amount to about four tablespoons.  Read more about natural ways to reduce high blood pressure here. 

8. Reduce high cholesterol

Olive oil has a distinctive and unique flavor. Besides being rich in vitamins, olive oil also contains omega 3 and 6. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. The substances help suppress the bad cholesterol.

They also help increase the production of good cholesterol in the blood. The cholesterol test is one of some important tests that need to be done by women over 40 years old. Read more about medical tests for women over 40 here.

9. Stronger bone

Olives, olive oil, or olive polyphenols have the potential to be developed as bone protective agents. The bone-protective effects of olive and its product are attributed to their ability to increase bone formation and inhibit bone resorption.

Olives, olive oil or olive polyphenols have the potential to be developed as bone protective agents
Picture 8. Human Bone (Pixabay)

10. Prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus

The present systematic review provides evidence of favorable effects of olive oil on type 2 diabetes mellitus risk and parameters of glycemic control. It is especially reported for extra virgin olive oil as an integral part of a Mediterranean diet. This vegetable oil represents a suitable component of a balanced diet.

11. Keep the skin glowing and youthful

Skin aging and the aging of the body relate to the inflammatory process. The best way to keep skin glowing and youthful is to do a healthy diet. 

Scott-Vincent Borba is a skin health advisor for Hollywood celebrities. He reveals the secrets of his client’s beautiful skin. Borba often deals with celebrity skin therapy before a show on a red carpet. One thing that’s Borba always asks the Hollywood celebrities to do for a week before appearing on the red carpet. He advices the celebrities to drink a tablespoon of olive oil every day.

One thing that is always asked by Borba to the Hollywood celebrities a week before appearing on the red carpet. That is, drinking a tablespoon of olive oil every day.
Picture 9. The Red Carpet Show (wikimedia.org)

12. Very good for the eyes

Some studies suggest a protective effect of olive oil consumption for late age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in the elderly community-dwelling population.

13. Pain relief

EVOO presents a marked analgesic. Studies confirm its beneficial properties and support its use in traditional and self-medication.

Drinking / Consuming Olive oil

Drinking a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning before eating other foods is not a strange ritual. Many people do that to help lower cholesterol. It also helps to prevent heart disease risk, and maintain healthy skin.

How To Get The Health Benefits of Olive Oil?

There are several things that must be considered in the use of olive oil. Basically, olive oil can be used in accordance with an individual’s needs. Here are the things that must be considered:

  1. Choose the best type of olive oil. EVOO provides the most complete nutrition among other types of olive oil.
  2. For beginners, consume it from a few, eg, 1 teaspoon per day. Then we can add the dose to 1-2 tablespoons. This is to avoid flash effects occurring in the abdomen due to an adjustment phase.
  3. EVOO consumption in the morning after waking up is more advisable

Consuming olive oil is good for health and beauty. We are also not allowed to leave a healthy lifestyle: diet, enough sleep, and exercise. Read more about 5 essential benefits of getting enough sleep here.

Have you started consuming EVOO every day? What is your experience in consuming EVOO? Please add your comment on the comment column and I will be more than happy reply to your comment.

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Olive oil can slow the aging process and help maintain a healthy and glowing skin. 13 Amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits

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  1. I grew up eating olives and olive oil, and till this day it’s one of my favorite foods, because they do have many health benefits.  When I was young I use to get many ear infections, and my mom use to warm up a little bit of olive oil and she would put it in my infected ear and then place cotton on my ear to prevent the olive oil from running out, and believe or not it was very soothing and it also stopped the ear pain.  The thing that intrigued me the most was that there is 16 olive trees today that are over 5,000 years old and still producing.  Wow now that’s amazing.

    Great Article I really enjoyed reading it


    • Hi,  Dora.  It is amazing,  isn’t it?  I want to see the trees too when I have the opportunity!  Thank you for the encouragement. 

  2. My quest to finding healthy oils in cooking has lead to this article. And it seems like I’ve been using the wrong type of oil all these while. I must say that I don’t use or consume a lot of olive oils, much less know the different grades that are available in the market. So if I understand you correctly, the best oil to use for cooking would be virgin and semi-fine virgin, right? What about deep fry? Thanks for your insights. 

    • EVOO is not suitable for deep frying because of it’s low smoke point. Use unsaturated oils to fry your foods, such as canola, corn, peanut, safflower, soybean or sunflower oil (source:livestrong). Thank you for your question, Cathy.  

  3. Hello there

    Really enjoyed this post, it is truly an eye opener for me. I had no idea of all the benefits related to olive oil. I am very keen on natural remedies and the olive really is another gift from mother nature. I’m certainly going to start out by consuming a tablespoon each day and will come back to you and let you know of my experience

    Thanks so much

  4. I absolutely LOVE dipping bread in olive oil. It’s extra delicious if you mix in some spices like Italian seasoning or, my personal favorite, a mix of spices I get from Carrabba’s italian restaurant. I especially love that it is so good for you as well. I make sure to use extra virgin olive oil that hasn’t been refined, because refined oils can be very bad for you. Not only that, it tastes better, just like you said!

    • Hi, Mariah.  That is a great 💡 idea.  I will try to mix it with the 🍕 pizza or 🍝 spagheti sauce.  Thank you very much.

  5. I’ve always be taught to avoid fats of any kind, but it definitely sounds like extra virgin olive oil is a healthy food and is very beneficial in moderate quantities. I have very dry skin and oftentimes I’d feel my skin flaking, perhaps I need to eat more extra virgin olive oil which will help me get healthier glowing skin. 

    I’ve never actually thought about drinking a spoonful of olive oil and I feel uneasy to try it, does it taste good on it’s own? I always see chefs on TV using extra virgin olive oil and I wondered why they don’t use regular oil, turns out there are so many benefits.

    • Hi,  Kent.  It is not easy to drink a spoonful of olive oil,  but it is doable,  ha ha.  I like to feel the sensation on my throat because of the oleocanthal existence. Or we can use it by other ways: dipping bread,  on salad,  etc.  

  6. I love olive oil! This is truly a super hero food! I have noticed it has come down in price over the last few years too!

  7. We use extra virgin olive oil at home and we never which! Though quite expensive than others, it is good for our healthy and we never encountered any issues from it.

  8. I think I didn’t seal mine right. It had mold under the rim. I have been using OO for years and that’s never happened.

  9. I have tried taking a teaspoon of Virgin Olive Oil. And result was amazing. It regulated my bowel. I just find it hard to swallow, as it is an oil.

  10. I love olive oil and we use it on many things in our household. We love it so much that we buy it in bulk. We love to season it and dip our fresh baked sourdough bread in it. Yum!

  11. I never knew that the olive tree was amongst the oldest trees in the world. That is so interesting to me. 5000 years old. Wow! You are so right. I use olive oil for everything. Beauty, health, cooking. And I find that it works really well with me.

  12. I never knew there are many types of virgin olive oil, and it sure does have lots of health benefits. I would recommend this to my mom to reduce hypertension and as pain reliever. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Haha, you are preaching to the choir here! We cook almost exclusively with olive oil, both for its health benefits and its versatility, and also have several bottles of different types of EVOO around for things like salad dressings and drizzling.


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