20 Ginger Benefits for Health

GINGER: 10,000X stronger than chemotherapy in cancer research model. Ginger causes cancer cells to commit suicide. Ginger benefits for health had been proven with many kinds of research. Featured picture: Pixabay.

Ginger or Zingiber Officinale Roscoe is one of the popular rhizome plants that are used as spices. It is known also as a medicinal ingredient. It is a member of a plant family that includes cardamom and turmeric. Ginger looks like a finger with a bulge on the middle section.

People use ginger as a body warmer. It is suitable to consume in cold or rainy weather to warm the body. We often make a drink from the ginger.


Gingerol or 960-gingerol  is the active constituent of fresh ginger. Cooking ginger transforms gingerol via a reverse aldol reaction into zingerone. The zingerone is less pungent and has a spicy-sweet aroma.

Gingerol or 960-gingerol  is the active constituent of fresh ginger. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 1. Gingerol (Wikimedia.org)

Nutrient Facts Of Ginger

Source: USDA National Nutrient Data Base

Nutrient facts behind ginger health benefits. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 2. Ginger Nutrient Facts








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Here Are 20 Ginger Benefits for Health

1. Smoothens Blood Circulation And Lowers Blood Pressure

Ginger can improve blood circulation. Gingerol found in ginger is an anticoagulant. The anticoagulant prevents the clogging of blood vessels that are the main cause of stroke and heart attack.

Gingerol stimulates the release of adrenaline hormone. It also widens the blood vessels. This helps blood flow more smoothly and faster. It alleviates the heart’s work of pumping blood. We can drink it as a ginger tea, chew on the slice, or add it to our dishes.

Leek is another plant that can be used to lower blood pressure.

2. As Antioxidant, Defends Our Body Against Free Radicals

Ginger contains antioxidants that are able to overcome the damaging effects caused by free radicals in the body. Masuda Y, Kikuzaki H, Hisamoto M and Nakatani N in pubmed.gov have reported that they isolated more than 50 antioxidants from the rhizomes of ginger.

The isolated antioxidants are divided into two groups:

  1. gingerol-related compounds
  2. diarylheptanoids

In this study, the structure-activity relationship of gingerol-related compounds was evaluated. Gingerol related compounds substituted with an alkyl group bearing 10-, 12- or 14-carbon chain length. The researchers isolated them from the dichloromethane extract of rhizomes. They used repeated chromatographic techniques.

Learn more about top powerful antioxidants here:

3. Fighting Cancer Cells

Nutritional content in ginger useful to reduce the development of cancer cells in the body. A number of studies revealed that ginger extract can combat various types of cancer including ovarian cancer and colon cancer.

A new study reveals ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy. The study published in Public Library of Science (PLoS) reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol.  It is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: namely, the breast cancer stem cells.

20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 3. Shogaol (Wikimedia.org)




The study published in Public Library of Science (PLoS) reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol.  It is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: namely, the breast cancer stem cells.
Picture 4. Chemotherapy (Wikimedia.org)


4. Lowers Cholesterol

Many studies have shown that consuming ginger reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and the liver effectively. A double-blind controlled clinical trial study in 2 cardiac clinics had been done in Cardiac Disease Clinic, Babol, north of Iran, between April to May 2004.

Researchers randomly divided the patients with hyperlipidemia into 2 groups: treatment group (receiving ginger capsules 3 g/day in 3 divided doses) and placebo group (lactose capsule 3 g/day in 3 divided doses) for 45 days. All subjects with diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, nephrotic syndrome, and alcohol drinking, pregnancy, and peptic ulcer were excluded. Researchers measured lipid concentrations profile before and after treatment by enzymatic assay.

Forty-five patients in the treatment group and 40 patients in placebo group participated in this study. There was a significant reduction in triglyceride, cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) levels of before and after study. Mean changes in triglyceride and cholesterol levels of the ginger group were significantly higher than the placebo group (p<0.05). Mean reduction in LDL level and increment in high-density lipoprotein level of the ginger group were higher than the placebo group. But in VLDL the level of placebo was higher than ginger (p>0.05).

The results show that ginger has a significant lipid-lowering effect compared to placebo.

5. Anti Inflammatory, Relieves Arthritis Symptoms

Gingerol compound is responsible for a pungent aroma and anti-inflammatory properties. When looking for anti-inflammatory drugs make sure the drug has a gingerol content.

Ginger contains very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. These substances are believed to explain why so many people with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis experience reductions in their pain levels and improvements in their mobility when they consume ginger regularly.

Two clinical studies involving patients who responded to conventional drugs and those who didn’t. Physicians found that 75% of arthritis patients and 100% of patients with muscular discomfort experienced relief of pain and or swelling.

Ginger extract is beneficial for patients with arthritis and osteoarthritis. Researchers concluded that ginger can relieve pain, increase movement in the joints, and reduce swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Ginger contains components that can inhibit Cyclooxygenase (COX), which is one of the body chemicals responsible for the onset of inflammation. These COX-inhibiting drugs usually have side effects that can harm the body. Ginger is one of the natural herbal remedies that have similar properties and no side effects.

6. Promotes Better Digestion

Ginger extract is beneficial for those who often experience flatulence and pain. We can use ginger to treat disorders of digestion and irritable bowel. Ginger in food, or ideally as a strong tea, helps stimulate saliva, bile and gastric juice production to aid in digestion.

Phenolic compounds like the gingerol and various other volatile ginger essential oils are primarily responsible for ginger tea’s beneficial effect on our digestive system.

Ginger water is more beneficial for our digestion than coffee or soda. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 5. Ginger Water (Pexels)

The ideal time to drink ginger tea would be just before a big meal or having a small cup of it while eating. It’s certainly much more beneficial for our digestion (and therefore stomach gas and flatulence) than coffee or soda.

Ginger promotes better digestion. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 6. Stomach (Wikimedia.org)

7. Treating Migraines

A study showed ginger can stop prostaglandinone of the causes of headaches. Thus, ginger can be used to reduce a migraine or a headache.

In a study conducted in Iran, a team of neurologists compared ginger and sumatriptan in 100 men and women who had suffered from a migraine for an average of seven years. The patients were randomly assigned to either the ginger group or the sumatriptan group.

They were given a box of 5 caplets containing their test medication (250 mg caplet of dried ginger powder or an identically looking caplet containing 50 mg of sumatriptan in a double-blind). Neither the participants nor the observers knew which caplets the patient was taking until the study was completed. Patients were instructed to take a caplet as soon as a migraine started.

For each a headache that occurred during that month, participants recorded the time the headache began, headache severity before taking the medication, and degree of pain relief at 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes as well as 24 hours after taking it.

Results showed that ginger was equally as effective as sumatriptan achieving 90% relief within two hours after ingestion. Patients taking ginger had a very small percentage (4%) experiencing minor digestive symptoms. But 20% of patients taking sumatriptan reported dizziness, drowsiness, or heartburn. We can use ginger to relieve headaches by drinking ginger water 3 times a day, eat ginger candy, or add ginger to foods.

We can use ginger to relieve headaches by drinking ginger water 3 times a day, eat ginger candy, or add ginger to foods. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 7. A Woman Suffering From A Migraine (Pixabay)

8. Treating Flu And Cough

Gingerol in ginger can relieve fever and cough. Consuming ginger means suppressing the onset of side effects such as those contained in chemicals.

Is Ginger Really Effective in Treating Flu? Let’s have a look at its properties:
• Ginger contains antibacterial and antiviral properties which deal with the flu virus.
• The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties heal the pain, irritation, and discomfort caused by flu.
• The gingerol and shogaol compounds present in ginger stimulate the perspiration and reduce body temperature.
• Its expectorant properties loosen the mucus from lungs and sinus. It soothes the lung tissues.
• It produces sweat in the body which flushes out the toxins and prevents infections.
• The oleoresins prevent the formation of excess mucus formation.
• During flu, digestion often gets weakened. Consumption of ginger stimulates the appetite and digestion.

9. Promotes Weight Loss And Flat Stomach

Ginger can dilate blood vessels that burn calories into body heat. Ginger contains only a few calories, so it does not contribute to weight gain. Consuming a glass of ginger water every day can maintain health and body metabolism.

By consuming ginger before meals regularly can prevent the occurrence of a distended stomach. We can use ginger to improve metabolism and digestion. The impact is the speed of burning calories and flattens the distended abdomen.

In a study published in the Journal of the Science and Food of Agriculture in 2014, researchers found that overweight rats who were given gingerol were able to lose weight after a 30-day supplementation period. The rats also showed improvements in blood sugar levels and leptin levels. Leptin is a compound that plays a role in feeling full and satisfied after a meal.

Not only can ginger help with weight maintenance. It can also keep that pesky belly fat at bay. Ginger can target the main reasons that belly fat accumulates, such as overeating, hormonal changes and low energy leading to lack of exercise.

Ginger helps us to feel full. Eating ginger or drinking ginger water can help curb the urge to overeat. It is a natural appetite suppressant.

Consuming ginger is one of the best ways to aid in the weight and belly fat loss process. The additional advantage is that ginger is calorie-free. We can use it fresh or by cooking and brewing in tea.

Consuming ginger is one of the best ways to aid in the weight and belly fat loss process. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 8. A Slim Woman (Pexels)

10. Anti Allergy

A study demonstrated that we can use ginger to prevent or alleviate allergic rhinitis symptoms. Ginger acts as an anti-histamine and can aid in the treatment of allergies.

Here is a simple way to make the ginger tea as a wonderful natural allergy treatment:

  • Peel and chop 1/4 inch of fresh ginger.
  • Add the ginger to 1.5 cups of water in a saucepan, and bring to a boil.
  • Continue boiling until there is approximately 1 cup of water in the saucepan.
  • Strain the tea into a cup or mug and enjoy. If you find the taste to be too strong, add honey as a natural sweetener.
Take this tea twice daily until the allergy symptoms relieve.

11. Treating Toothache

Gum pain and toothache can also be prevented by drinking ginger water. This is because ginger is antifungal and antibacterial.

12. Prevent Irregular Menstrual Cycles

We can use ginger to maintain the regularity of menstrual cycle for women. In China, for example, ginger is mixed with brown sugar in water to reduce the feeling of cramps in the menstrual period.

Drinking ginger mixture with brown sugar in water can reduce the feeling of cramps in the menstrual period. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 9. Ginger Mixture With Brown Sugar In Water

13. Natural Pain Reliever

A study concluded that consuming ginger regularly can help reduce the pain that occurs in the muscles caused by excessive physical exercise. Ginger can also help relieve back pain.

14. As An Acne Medicine

In a study previously conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center, to help in preventing acne on the skin is recommended to consume the ginger maximum of 4 grams/day. Excessive consumption of ginger can cause side effects such as mules, irritation, and diarrhea.

15. Reduce Motion Sickness

Those who often experience motion sickness, should consume the ginger drink. This spice reduces nausea and cures jet lag.

16. Reduce Fever

We can use ginger to help reduce fever. Drink a cup of hot ginger tea, which also induces sweating. To make the tea, steep a half-teaspoon minced ginger root in 1 cup just-boiled water. Strain, then drink.

17.Treats Morning Sickness

Ginger help relieves the sense of nausea, abdominal bloating and vomiting in the morning, including for pregnant women. Consuming the ginger drink can cure the morning sickness.

18. Overcome Anemia

When the number of healthy red blood cells in the blood decreases and becomes much lower in number than the normal level, the condition is known as anemia. Iron-deficiency anemia and sickle cell anemia are the most common types of anemia.

Anemia is usually due to loss of blood and decreased production or destruction of red blood cells. Pale skin, weakness, feeling dizzy and problem while breathing are some of the symptoms of anemia. We can get rid of anemia by using some herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, etc.

19. Promotes Body Detoxification

If we consume ginger frequently by brewing, it can make our body become sweaty. The sweat removes various types of dirt that contained in the body. It promotes body detoxification.

20. Treating Snakebite Wounds

How do you use ginger to treat snake bites?  We can do it by grinding the rhizomes and add a little salt, then paste on the wound of a poisonous snake bite. This is only the first aid. Bring the patient to the hospital for further treatments.

Cure symptoms of snakebite as the first aid. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health
Picture 10. General Symptoms Of Snakebite (Wikimedia.org)






Well, those are 20 amazing ginger benefits for health. It is very important to acknowledge them, so we can apply the knowledge when necessary.


What is your experience in using the ginger for health benefits? Do you drink ginger water every day? Please write your comment on the comment column and I will be more than happy to reply your comment.

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GINGER: 10,000X stronger than chemotherapy in cancer research model. Ginger causes cancer cells to commit suicide. Ginger benefits for health had been proven with many kinds of research. 20 Ginger Benefits For Health









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  1. I had no idea that ginger could help so many ailments!

    I have been using it in a steeped tea for my stomach problems for a couple of years. I am actively trying to eat more hot peppers – like jalapeno’s and adding more fresh ginger into tea and the combination is helping a lot.

    I am going to try to add more of it into my daily menu for the detox properties. Thank you for this post.

  2. Hi Melani,

    Wow, a very informative article about ginger! I’m not a big fan of ginger when it comes to my food, but I do enjoy a cold glass of ginger ale. Strange right?

    After learning about the benefits, I might change my view on ginger and add it to my diet. Thanks!


    • Hi, Eric. Happy to read your comment. I used to drink the warm ginger water, especially when I suffer from a cough. Spices including ginger are good for our health. They aid in improving heart health, inducing sweating, detoxifying the body, and preventing cancer.

  3. Wow, I hadn’t heard that there were so many benifits to consuming ginger, I recently suffered with a heart attack so i might start drinking ginger water, do i just cut it up and add boiling water or will the powdered stuff do the same job?


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