How To Look Younger At Over 40 Years Old?

How to look younger at over 40 years old? To be forever young and looks young is a dream of many people. Especially women do not want to look old. It makes a lot of people do various ways to have a look younger face. The article gives tips to look younger at over 40 years old. Feature picture credit to Pixabay.

How to look younger at over 40 years old?
Picture 1. A Smiling Woman (Credit to Pixabay)

How To Look Younger At Over 40 Years Old?

Let us read the tips below:

1. Apply The Healthy and Balanced Diet

The skin requires nutrients from within to keep it healthy. Some skin cells decomposed when it is dead. A balanced diet can help the repair process. Eat foods contain nutrients for the skin. It includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and much more.

Nuts are also the best food to avoid aging. Many Japanese people consume nuts such as soybeans. It is not surprising that adult women in Japan look like teenagers. We can follow their way to get the younger look.

One of the keys to staying young is by protecting our digestive health. We need to consume 25 grams of fiber every day. Find fiber in fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods.

Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are good to protect skin health. Vegetables and fruits contain low fat. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.  Read more about the benefits of eating rainbow color fruits and vegetables here.

Do not forget to consume dairy products, and poultry to complete the diet. Nutrition needed to support the whole system of the body. With a healthy body, the skin also gets good effects. By giving the body the necessary intake, the skin will show its long-lasting appearance. Read more about the healthy diet for women over 40 years old here.

Consuming a healthy diet is the answer on how to look younger at over 40 years old
Picture 2. Healthy Diet (Credit to Pixabay)

2. Minimize or Avoid Junk Foods Intake

Junk food is a term for food containing high levels of calories from sugar or fat with little fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals. Junk food can also refer to high protein food like meat prepared with saturated fat. Many hamburgers outlets and fried chicken outlets are considered as junk foods.

Junk foods are usually served fast. There are many junk food providers available. But do not give priority to junk foods. An occasional night of fast food won’t hurt but eating too much junk foods can trigger these effects:

  • headache
  • depression
  • acne
  • dental distress
  • shortness of breath
  • heart disease or stroke
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • insulin resistance
  • weight gain
  • the blood sugar spike
  • bloating and puffiness
  • extra calories 

Prefer to eat foods with vegetables and raw food ingredients. Raw foods contain vitamins and nutrients that are still full. They not yet mixed with additive materials. For those who have the guts to eat raw can try raw foods to get the full contents of vitamins and minerals.

Avoid junk foods is one of many answers on how to look younger at over 40 years old
Picture 3. Hamburger (credit to Pixabay)

3. Drink Enough Water

Why should we drink enough water?

  • Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluid.
  • Water can help control calories
  • Water helps energize muscles.
  • Water helps keep skin looking good.
  • Water helps our kidneys.
  • Water helps normal bowel function.

4. Apply Intermittent Fasting

If we want to age better, we have to focus on where the aging problems begin: the cellular level. The natural cleansing of our body is called autophagy. What is the best way to pump up the autophagic process? The answers are strategic eating and intermittent fasting. Read more about the benefits of intermittent fasting here.

5. Exercise Regularly

James M. Rippe, M. D is a well-known writer. He is a prominent cardiologist and founder of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute. He explains that if we look at all the high-risk things that result in death, look at your heart health.

An elderly person who has good heart health is much healthier than a young but inactive person. By improving our physical activity, we can playback our biological clock.

Exercise regularly is one of many answers on how to look younger at over 40 years old
Picture 4. A Woman is Doing Yoga (Credit to Pixabay)

6. Maintain The Ideal Body Weight

Having the ideal body weight makes us look younger and gives many health benefits. Read more about how to maintain the ideal body weight here.

7. Improve The Posture

When we improve our posture the internal organs function properly, respiration deepens, the joints are lubricated, and blood flows properly. For people who suffer from certain health condition, posture takes on special significance

What does good posture look like? In ideal posture, everything is lined up from the top to toes. So we are not having to resist gravity that exhausts the body. Good posture makes us look younger, thinner and taller.

Good postures make women over 40 years old look younger
Picture 5. A Great Posture (credit to Pixabay)

8. Get Enough Sleep

Adequate sleep is important for the brain and the body. One study was done at the University of Chicago School of Medicine. It found that sleep loss or poor quality sleep may increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, as well as compromise the immune system.

Some researchers also conclude that lack of sleep cause we have a poor start every day. We will be prone to some diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and memory loss.

Lack of sleep ages our skin. When we don’t get enough sleep, our body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.

Read more about foods that build collagen and elastin to avoid wrinkles here.

9. Be Grateful, Maintain A Positive Attitude

A woman who always carves a brilliant smile on her face looks more pleasant and cool to see. It is undeniable if one aspect of happiness is to have many things, such as money. But we must know, happiness will be easy to get if we are grateful.

The family that is always there when we need. Our accompanying friends laugh and sympathize with something we experienced. And the everlasting livelihood of God (breathe, see, hear, be healthy, walk, as well as much more).

Find ways to live with an active mental life along with increasing age. A positive and optimist emotional state will help cut the worry and can extend life. Research shows a relationship of one’s attitude with her/his physical and mental health. There is evidence that optimistic people present a higher quality of life compared to those with low levels of optimism or even pessimists.

Be grateful is one of many answers on how to looks younger at over 40 years old
Picture 6. Be Grateful (Credit to Pixabay)

10. Always Train The Brain

Some data exposed over the last twenty years. It convinces that the brain is always developing. It increases new neurons and tissue between the neurons during life. We can cut brain diseases associated with increasing age by always stimulating the brain.

Dr. Yakov Stern is The Division Head of Cognitive Neuroscience. It is at Sergievsky Center, Columbia Campus. He says that individuals who stimulate their brain will reduce the tendency of Alzheimer’s. We can stimulate the brain through education. The other ways are work, and some activities related to joy. Research shows that the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease shrinks by 35 to 40%.

Always train the brain is one of many answers on how to look younger at over 40 years old
Picture 7. A Woman Is Working With A Computer (Credit to Pexels)


11. Gain Lots of Love and Compassion

Our strong relationship can do everything from lowering our blood pressure to recover from cancer. It also keeps our skin healthy. Loving relationships improve our looks and our health too.

Dr. Marian C. Diamond is one of the most important nerve anatomists in the world. She conducted research using young rats to learn whether environmental conditions affect development. A cage contains 12 rats filled with various tools to play. Vice versa, other cages are not filled with toys. The rats that the cage contains toys can complete the test faster than the rat placed in the cage without toys. The rats also showed strength to solve problems better.

Dr. Diamond wants to do the same experiments with older rats. He chooses 600-day-old rats, which are about the same as 60 years of human life. Some mice died nearing the age of 600 days. She took the conclusion. There are improvements in the live age duration of mice by providing affection.

Instead of putting the rats in a cage after cleaning, some scientists who took part in the research kept the rats. They even take them in their lab coats. The rats lived longer than those not getting love and compassion.

12. Minimize The Stress

The problems in life are always coming in and out. That is a major problem for many people. No matter how busy we are, no matter how heavy the burden we carry, live a less stressful life.

We can take various steps to get rid of stress. Get more frequent entertainment for a moment when stress befalls you. There are many ways to avoid stress. We can meditate every morning before working outdoors. Listen to relaxing music. Think positive things, laugh, and walk as a form of brain refreshing.

Do not let stress be our barrier to move forward. Face stress in many fun ways. There are times when we need one moment to forget the whole burden of life. Enjoy the life we get, live with gratitude. Guaranteed, our life will be much happier.

13. Use Suitable Skin Care Products

Women always pay attention to the physical health of their skin. We undergo skin treatments and use a cream that has specific contents so that our skin can seem brighter. 

Find the right treatment product for our skin necessity and make sure it does not contain any harmful chemicals. If we want to try the herbal products, better we watch first whether the product already certified or labeled safe by Certification Body or not. Consult with the expert who masters the skin treatment.

Using suitable cosmetics is one of many answers on how to look younger at over 40 years old
Picture 8. Cosmetics (Credit to Pixabay)


14. Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking routine is not good for health. It triggers various respiratory diseases. Not only that but it also destructs the skin.

Stop smoking right now. There are about 600 ingredients in cigarettes that when burned create more than 7,000 chemicals. Some of the most harmful chemicals released in cigarette smoke are nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, lead, benzene, cadmium and lots more.

We may rarely see smokers who have healthy skin and not infected with serious illness. We should not make an argument for smoking. Smoking is not good for our health and for others who are around us. Smoking will make our skin age faster

Stop smoking to look younger at over 40 years old
Picture 9. A Smoking Woman (credit to Pixabay)


15. Clean The Teeth

Keeping a youthful mouth comes down to two simple, proven, and practical steps:

  • Brush and floss daily
  • See the dentist every six months

Research shows an association between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease. People under 50 who have periodontal disease are 2.6 times more likely to die prematurely and 3 times more likely to die from heart disease than people who have healthy teeth.

The main cause of periodontitis is poor dental hygiene. Brush the teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. Floss at least once a day, and check the teeth to the dentist on a regular basis. It can reduce our chances of developing heart disease.

There is a connection between dental plaque and artery plaque. People with severe gum disease are at greater risk of developing heart disease and of having a deadly heart attack than those with healthy gum. Researchers state that bacteria coming from the mouth can enter the blood vessels

16. Do Yoga for the Face

Yoga is not only for the body. There are also yoga movements for the face. 

Some A-listers like Megan Markle and Jennifer Aniston popularize face yoga. It tones specific muscles to combat fine lines, sagging, and other signs of aging. It is way better for you than dermal fillers like Botox!
The movements are very simple to practice. If you do the movements, your facial skin can be tighter and more youthful.
The bonus:
  • you will be free from fine lines,
  • lifting the eye area,
  • brightening the cheeks,
  • tightening the neck or double chin, and much more.
The guide covers:
  • science-backed reasons why face yoga works,
  • extra physical benefits (it can help snoring and headaches!), and
  • 11 illustrated poses with instructions.
Intrigued by the movements? Read the full article by clicking the picture below:













Those are some tips to look younger at over 40 years old. What are your tips to look younger at your age? Please write your comment in the comment column below and I will be more than happy reply to your comment. 

And please click the picture below to share this article if you find it is useful. Sharing is caring and thank you for your kindness.

If we want to age better, we have to focus on where the aging problems begin: the cellular level. The natural cleansing of our body is called autophagy. What is the best way to pump up the autophagic process? The answers are strategic eating and intermittent fasting. how to look younger at over 40


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  1. Awesome and thank you! I love some of the Chinese cultures and you are so right about the age! Also, Chinese women go thru the lovely menopause like angels. They have a secret and you tapped into it. Thank you and off to the health food store or Amazon to look for my lost but not forgotten Royal Ginseng.
    Your site is lovely and a joy to visit.

  2. Great article. Lots of great advice, not just for healthy young looking skin but for a healthy body. Your point about the connection between dental plaque and artery plaque was quite interesting. I had never heard that before.

  3. You have covered it well! There is one silent movement taking place where lot of people I know are turning to vegetarianism or veganism. They will need to balance the loss of proteins from not taking meats/poultry/dairy by turning to plant based nourishment. And yes, thanks for mentioning intake of water, which many people ignore and can be perilous.

  4. Great article. There is no doubt that we are what we eat. We should avoid at all costs junk food and always eat self-made meals at home made from fresh ingredients, a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, fatty foods with good fats, like avocado or almonds. Water is extremely important, as the brain functions can deteriorate very fast if not properly hydrated.
    Keep up the good work 🙂


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